Jon & I at Legs Inn - Memorial Day 2009

Our story begins with a blind date...well, not totally blind.  We actually met on match.com (and frequently joke that they financed our honeymoon since we're such a success story...ha, we wish!)!


Jon picked me up for our first date which went from dinner, to grabbing a drink, to a movie, to out with my friends and dinner with my mom two days later.  

He quickly met the rest of my family and was even invited into the "family pictures" two weeks into dating.  So, it's no surprise that we got engaged 10 months later and were married 2 years to the day of our first conversation!!

Then, we packed up and moved from Okemos (where we had bought a house where we planned on living for quite awhile) to my childhood home of Petoskey.  And though we were nervous, it has been WELL worth it.  We're close to family, the water, and life is just a bit slower in a small town.   

We find ourselves frequently working on our house, getting outdoors, hanging with our Whit-bug, getting ready to be parents to baby Liza in September, and spending time with family.  Life is great.  We are blessed.