Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Simple Things...

Well hi, guys!  I woke up extra early this morning and finally had a minute to catch up on the blogging world.  Because we've got a lot of good things going on, I thought I'd link up with Jesslyn Amber and appreciate the simple things...

--Liza's due date is 2 days...and we can't wait to meet this baby girl--
--Getting 8 hours of sleep at night (we are fully aware this will change)--
--Setting out for a walk down the street and being joined by my nephews, sister-in-law, and Mocha-dog--
--Whitney loving to cuddle in the mornings--
--Being able to celebrate family birthdays since we live so close--
--Working in a new position that is challenging, but so fun--
--And last, booking spring break flights to Florida last night--

 We'll be sure to keep you all posted on Miss Liza when she decides to make her arrival :)
Happy Thursday - it's almost the weekend!!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Life has been a little crazy this week.  I'm back to school, 39 weeks pregnant, and figuring out my new position.  I made mac and cheese for dinner this week...which may not seem like a big deal, but for a girl who loves to cook, you know I must be dragging.  As far as the baby update goes - she's still happy to hang out with me ;)  I just got home from a doctor's appointment and she thinks little Liza might just make it to her due date and beyond.  Fine with me -- I'm still pretty comfortable, only have a little swelling, and sleeping like a rock.  Those are the big updates, but I'm hopeful to get a blog post or two this weekend (seeing as we have nothing planned...yes)!  
Happy Friday everybody! :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Ok...

It's been a busy busy week.  Life is starting to get crazy.  
And Liza is getting closer and closer to making her arrival like a little more than 2 weeks.
Weeks.  Craziness.
So when I found this link up with Neely and Amber, I decided it fit this week.

So here goes...
IT'S OK...

...that I didn't make it into school today to work on my classroom.
...that I may snooze on the couch this afternoon.
...that I can't always get everything done that I want to at 8.5 months pregnant. spend the morning snuggling with the Whit-bug. be a little nervous about this whole labor and delivery thing :) be overwhelmed with thoughts of what our little girl will be like. look forward to relaxing this weekend.
....that I'm not quite ready to head back to school just yet. remember that I'm a pretty lucky gal with an amazing husband, a baby who will be here soon, and a sweet puppy :)