Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Go Right Through curtains?

We had a great weekend in EL – got to see lots of friends, enjoy an MSU football game, a bonfire with the Filipiaks and learned that Tim and Becky are pregnant again!! :)  Although the weather was a little chilly, the game was an easy win for State and the first MSU football game Jon and I had ever been to together! 
 And, as I was unloading the images onto the computer this morning, I found some more I’ve meant to post of our new curtains that we made…like out of fabric and a sewing machine.  So we got a sewing machine from Jon’s sister and although it’s a little old school, it still does the job!  We felt like we needed a little privacy on our back door!   The best part is we got a great deal on the fabric and so making them cost about 30 bucks! 
(Note the lack of deck out back....sooooo many new pics to come soon!!!!)
And then I found these pictures…more to come on the projects we were working on…but for now, let’s just enjoy Whit sleeping in the sawdust…

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