Friday, September 3, 2010

House Demo....yep, there's still more.

We've recently been taking on quite a few projects at home...Jon's made a bookshelf, I'm learning to sew curtains, Jon chainsawed our deck off...YEP, he totally did.

Our neighbors have got to be wondering about us at this point (good thing my bro and sis-in-law are some of them)! And although the bookshelf and curtains aren't finished yet (we'll post pics when they are because we are so darn proud of ourselves for these creations!!!), Jon did recently put up some shelves in our bathroom! We were reminiscing back to our house on Every Road and Jasen & Michelle's design for these. We just love the open feel and easy access to anything from the bathroom! And the best part is we used a HD gift card (thanks Kasiborskis!) to buy the plywood, leftover trim for the edges, white paint we already had and bins from Bed, Bath, and Beyond purchased with another gift card...making this a very inexpensive project!
We've loved all the projects with our house, but are beginning to realize they are never-ending (a little difference from our last house in Okemos). Maybe once the cottage is closed for the summer, we'll have a little more time at home on the weekends!

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