Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nice lil Sunday

We have been itching to snow shoe (and no it's not just dry skin in the winter).  But Christmas break simply didn't bring a ton of fact all of our snow actually melted, which meant no snowshoeing over our week off together.  We were bummed.  As was Whit.  So, last night when our friend Courtney mentioned a Sunday afternoon snow shoe, we jumped at the chance.  
We packed 3 dogs and 3 people in Courtney's trailblazer and headed to my dad's property in Boyne Falls.  It was a packed car and a funny ride, but when we got on the trail, we knew our travel was well worth it. 
JW, Courtney, Whit, Wallace, Brady and myself all loved it.  We had the perfect weather,  a perfect light snow falling, and great company.  The only rough part was that Brady's belly looked more like a Christmas decoration about halfway down the trail.  He was literally a furry snowball!  Good thing Courtney was rocking overalls -- or the Baby B'Carhart as I like to call it :)
It was literally the perfect afternoon snow shoe and a great way to start off the season.  In fact, it was so great that Whit fell asleep around 6 tonight and only got up to eat and go outside.  She'll be a tired bug for a few days, but she LOVES being outside just as much as we do!  And it was a great way to end the first full week of January :)

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