Thursday, August 26, 2010

SUMMER! + fresh food + new furniture = happy Luckhardts :)

We have loved every minute of being 'up north' permanently -- especially when it's summertime and the cottage is a quick drive away! Perhaps our favorite part though, is Bill's Farm Market. Think farm market every day and 5 minutes away from our house. I pick meals where I purposely have to go there to buy one thing, and walk out with a whole bag full of locally-grown goodies. Last week it was peaches! I made 2 big dishes of oatmeal cookie peach cobbler. Talk about amazing! And, now that our house is coming along and the honey-do list is getting shorter, we've had more time to relax and enjoy eating (one of our favorite things to do). So, I've attached a few pictures of Bill's fresh peaches and the new look going on in our house!Whit LOVES being in the pictures of our house! The best part about these is the 'rug' we made out of a carpet remnant we got for free from a family friend (holy tongue twister)...but it totally makes the room and Whit LOVES having a comfy spot to lay!

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