Monday, March 21, 2011

Ay Bab-ay

Because of popular request (and only because of that), we've finally gotten around to take pictures of this newly developing baby belly.  For a while, it went something like this...some days I look like Fat Tuesday was a week long occurrence and others you couldn't tell a thing. So, without further adieu, here are some baby belly pics.  Well, first one of me and our crazy pup (she is going stir-crazy with this cold weather again)!

14 weeks!
We've also started to scheme on what the baby's nursery will look like.  We will find out if it's a boy or a girl, but the room plans are moving along regardless. The winning scheme right now is a baby blue and navy and then we'll pick an accent color once we find out if it's a mini-me or mini-JW.  Here's a sneak peak on things we like...
Created with Olio Board (easy peasy if you don't have a Mac and want to create a moodboard)
But in order to create our nursery, our first step is transforming the basement bedroom from the weird built-in bed frame/platform thingy into a place where we'd be happy to have guests.  JW has been busting out work down there while I try to finish up my Master's classes this semester.  So far the carpet is torn out, the platform thing is gone, and we painted it a gray tone.  We were TOTALLY guessing on the paint color.  Before we decided on any color, we agreed to move out of our comfort zone (aka any shade of seafoam green and/or beige/cream).  The game plan for spring break is to get it carpeted and move in some furniture that's been hanging out down there for awhile.  More updates and before/after pictures to come soon!!

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