Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Break 2011, oh baby!

While our big plans for our 'last trip before baby' fell through for spring break, we're ok with that.  Because we did some mad shopping downstate and now are starting to work on the nursery.  We have no clue whether it's a boy or a girl, but that's not stopping us!  JW is painting today while I was hanging out with Mason, our 4 year old nephew.  So while the semi-finished product will be ready for viewing eventually, here's a few sneak peaks for now...

Mason and Jon both painted their names on the wall -- and yes the walls are going to be blue (even though we both feel like we're going to have a girl)
 Mason was working really heard on doing the 'N' all by himself!
 But after the painting and hanging out with some family that stopped by, this lil man crashed on the couch.  We were all cuddling and watching Toy Story 3 when we looked over to find this...
So that's a sneak peak of the nursery...there's SO much more to come, but we have to get the paint done first.  There will definitely more picture updates this week so stay tuned :)

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