Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Recap

Whew….what a crazy (and long) weekend.  JW had today off and since summer school is done for a bit, we finally had a few moments to relax at home and catch up on everything we didn’t do over the weekend. 

But, let’s talk about what we did do over the weekend. 
It went a little like this:

Cottage.  Lake.  Yummy dinner.  Fireworks.  Sleeping tight.

Cottage.  Playing in the lake.  Water trampoline.  Water slide.  Whit-bug swimming.  Jalapeño poppers.  Late dinner (delicious, of course). Kick the can ice cream. Fireworks.

Early morning fishing with JW.  Septic tank stops working (uh-oh).  Yummy breakfast.  Playing in the lake.  More kiddos on the water trampoline and waterslide.  Old friends stop by for a visit.  Boat ride.  Tubing.  Family stops by for the afternoon.  Relax on the pontoon boat.  Go for an evening swim (slash bath considering aforementioned septic tank).  JW, nephew, brother, and cousin go fishing.  Head into town.

Lazy morning.  Grocery shopping.  25 people in line for Starbucks – hello fudgees (what we fondly call tourists).  Family time on Mullet Lake.  4th of July BBQ and parade.  Donald Duck.  Hang out with more friends.  Head to fireworks.  Ooooh…aaaaah.  

Our weekend was pretty fantastic.  One of these days I’ll remember to take more pictures!

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