Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

I always loved that phrase...but it got even better when my 4 year old nephew used it the other day.  HILARIOUS!  Almost as hilarious as my sewing ability, or lack-thereof.  But, I'm continuing to learn and I can only get better -- right....right?  I made myself an apron a few weeks back after loving the idea of one forever.  When I mentioned the idea to my cousin (read: practically sister), I could tell by her reaction that I had a Christmas present to sew.  So, first came the fabric search.  I probably spent 20 minutes in JoAnn's and when I was about to leave I found this one.  LEMONS.
 And when I paired it with the lime green sash, I was really digging the look of it.  So, here is the full version of the 'Chelsey' apron.  I would post a pattern...if I knew how to make one...or read one, let alone use one.  I'm finally starting to actually measure fabric (thanks to some lovely Christmas sewing presents from JW), which is a major step for me, ha!   Well, whaddya think?  I have a couple more fabrics to make into aprons...or throw pillows like I did today, but more on that later.
In other news...holy cow have we been eating a TON of food.  So I created this masterpiece for lunch yesterday and it was so pretty I had to take a pic!  MMMMMMMMM, vegetables!  Oh, and we've found an AMAZING new way use up all those cranberries you didn't get to over the holidays!  I'll post that recipe tomorrow :)

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