Friday, December 31, 2010


I've always been really good at making resolutions, but not always so great with coming up with meaningful, serious resolutions that I follow through on.  This year, I hope it's different.  And to (hopefully) help me achieve/follow along with these resolutions, I figured what's better than to make them public information so you can remind (bug) me to keep going!  So, here are the top ones I'm going to be working on...

1) Get organized!  Some areas of our house...and our life...are extremely organized while others lack any sense of organization at all.  The goal is to reduce clutter and find some new routines (read: hiding spots) to store paperwork.  This also reduces to my job.  Life would be easier if my teaching 'stuff' were more organized.  Here's hoping :)

2) Give away things (clothes, housewares, anything else) we don't use.  I've just started volunteering at a locally-run resale shop which might be part of the motivation for this one.  Plus, there are boxes that have been in our basement for OVER 6 months now.  Clearly, if we haven't missed it yet, we don't really need it.  And, it will definitely help us reduce clutter.

3) Work on house to-do list.  Enough said.

4) Remind family and friends how much I love and appreciate them more often.  Sure, we're going green, but I still think the value of a snail mail card or letter is immeasureable.  JW and I both know that we are blessed with our family and friends so it's time to be more cognizant about it and to act on it!

5) Be more adventurous and more frequent with working out.  After playing college volleyball, it's hard to feel like a stroll around the block or a dance class counts as a suitable workout....but I'm beginnig to realize that it's better than nothing ;)  So, my resolution is to get my booty moving at least 4 days a week.  I also want to do a yoga class, continue to try zumba, and check out any other great workout classes.  I can only take the treadmill for so long.  I also plan on competing in my first official 5k.  Yep, mark my words, I'll actually sign up and follow through with one rather than just talking about it.   Who knows, maybe a 10k or a half marathon will be next.

6) Use more organic/good for me and the earth products.  We are what we eat, right?  Well, not exactly, but the more we're learning, the more JW and I are realizing that it's important and not horribly difficult to eat more organic or overall 'better' food.  We're also using this for toiletries -- I'm already loving coconut oil in place of lotion.  We're trying to switch over to organic shampoos/conditioners/body washes as we run out of our regular stock, too. 

That's all I have so far for 2011.  Some resolutions are more improvements on things we already do decently and some are some pretty dramatic changes.  To sum it up, we're focusing on our health, our clutter, and those we love.  Sounds pretty good, huh?  What about you?  Any resolutions you guys have for 2011?

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