Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh Christmas...

We've been rather busy over the past few weeks, but I have been taking some cute pics of our family and friends over the holidays and I wanted nothing more than to share them here!

First, from Mason and Charlie's Christmas concert, I snapped a few pics of the cousins...

 Then, there was Mandy and Pete's wedding -- aka ACVB and significant other reunion.  We love that as we continue to stay in touch after our college years, we can all come together and laugh as much as we always used to!
 Here's a bunch of the girls :)  Right back where we first met lacing up our shoes on the first day of practice -- ps -- doesn't Mandy (the bride) look gorgeous??

 And another one JW and myself :)

 Then, on Christmas Eve, we had present time at my parent's house.  The boys loved it -- especially Mason.  Here's his first gift from us, a new scooter!  Notice Whit-bug snoozing on Jon's leg.
 Whit is also the queen at opening treats or presents in general.  Here she is in action...
 For my sister-in-law, Jon made an awesome mirror with leftover trim from their kitchen remodel.  Braden Boo decided to christen it with some kisses :)
 My grandma (aka Maser's great-grandma) got him this Monkey stuffed animal.  As you can see on the tag, the monkey (fondly named Funky...ha, yeah, I helped with that one) heats up!  No joke.  Pop this bad boy in the microwave for about a minute and he's a warm, lavender-scented cuddle bug to take to bed.  Do they make these for adults?  If so, I want one!
 My bro's family after church...
 One of Mason's presents from Grandma Patty and Poppa Mark was a new Buzz Lightyear bike.  He enlisted Poppa to help him put it together in between church and dinner. 
 So that was our Christmas.  It was wonderful.  We got to spend time with family and wake up in our own house...definitely a tradition that we want to continue. 

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