Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween all you crazy kids!  It's officially the end of trick-or-treating and we had 6 kids...which means the treadmill will be getting a lot of use this week as we eat the leftovers!  But overall, it was a fun-filled weekend including a couple of 'firsts' for Jon and I.  First of all, we had NEVER dressed up for Halloween together -- I always had a volleyball tourney that day, so we never bothered.  Below you will find our fantastic, almost homemade costumes!
Don't you love them?  I bought my dress at a local thrift store for $5.30 and accessorized with a little fabric that cost all of $0.44!  Then, I bought Jon's shirt at Goodwill for $3.79.  It was an XL so I did a little sewing and took in the sides and then I sewed a little blue corduroy on the shoulders to make it appear more authentic.  That cost $0.22!  Yeah for JoAnn Fabrics teachers discount :)  I did 'splurge' on his hat at a pricey $6.99.  As for our wings, Jon made them out of beer cans and permanent markers -- what I can say, he's so resourceful!  The grand total of our Halloween costumes: $16.74!  

And of course, a big thanks to our awesome party hosts (and our favorite Petoskey couple to hang out with) - Brian and Natalie!  We started the night at their house and then took a quick stroll down to the City Park Grill: a place that is quickly becoming our favorite restaurant in town!
 Some of the other party-goers we were with were dressed up as a polygamist couple -- ha!  Their costume was so fantastic they even won the contest at City Park!  Other great costumes we saw: Cousin Eddy from Christmas Vacation and St. Pauli Girl and Sam Adams.  Clearly Cousin Eddy was my favorite since I can't get enough of that movie! 
As for today's activities, we were looking forward to our FIRST trick-or-treaters in our new house!  Buzz Lightyear and the little lion came over...but by the time they stopped Mason was done being Buzz Lightyear.  I tried to capture him before the costume came off, but I wasn't quite quick enough!
And last, but certainly not least, I thought I'd show you guys our Halloween/Fall set-up on our front porch!  Although the pumpkin out front needs to go soon (perhaps we carved a bit too early), it also celebrates the last first -- being married this year! 

So, that was our Halloween -- tons of fun, a few firsts, and lots of fun fall activities!  What were your favorite costumes?  Any awesome ones you saw out? 

Goodnight and Happy Halloween from good ole P-town (Jon would say bye, but he's too busy boxing on our Wii and perfecting his victory dance after every round he wins)! :)

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