Thursday, October 28, 2010


HOLY WIND BATMAN!  We've been getting some crazy winds in P-town these past few days.  In fact, on the news this morning, they mentioned that gusts at the Mighty Mac reached higher than hurricane winds -- good thing we don't have 'warm' bodies of water nearby! 

Anyway, on to the real reason for this post...showers.  I like them.  I try to take one every day.  But ever since our house in Okemos, we got a real glimpse in how awesome a shower could really be.  So, when it came time to work on our bathroom remodel, we knew we needed another super-fantastic shower.  Although I can't seem to locate the "before" pics at the moment (read as: me thinking, "hmmm did we ever take these pictures while frantically working every weekend when I was up or every day after work for Jon and my pops???"), our previous shower made it so that neither Jon nor I could have walked into the shower without cracking our head on the bars that held the doors in place -- thus making "hopping in the shower" even more dangerous!

So what did we decide to do?  Start with a blank slate.  We (aka Kim, our builder) tore out the shower and the toilet and did a lil switch-a-roo.  We quickly picked tile on Sunday before I had to head back downstate and hoped it would look good.  Here's the tile:

We wanted something that was relatively neutral and although I loved the glass tile, we didn't want to over-do it.  So, we opted for keeping it simple (and also relatively inexpensive). Then, we had to order a shower door, which again we kept simple with clean lines and minimal silver hardware.  No frosted glass here (well unless it's a frosty beer mug)!!

 We also went for some in-shower storage for the basics.  We love it because it's wonderfully helpful and plenty spacious, but is also hidden within the shower!  Pretty great, eh?

Now for the rest of the bathroom....we didn't replace the vanity.  We probably will some day, but as for now, it works.  We added some new silver hardware and cleaned the wood cabinets with all we had to make it look soooooooo much better than it did when we moved in!  Nothing like a little elbow grease.
Well, what do ya think?  Notice the shelves in that last pic?  They sometimes become a disaster area, but the extra amount of open storage is fantastic.  And because our bathroom is usually a master bathroom, it's usually just us using it....well except for my 4 year old nephew who likes the shower in there :)  

Ok, I'm off to search for those before pictures...

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