Friday, October 22, 2010

Wedding Party Bliss

Ever wonder what to get your wedding party?  I'm aiming this post towards mostly females because although no one will admit to reading this by becoming a follower (wink wink) I'm guessing that's mostly who it is.  I was struggling with the same question.  Sure I've had lots of fun goodies -- a sister picture frame from my soon-to-be-sister-in-law, a bag of goodies from a high school bff, and earrings, a necklace, and shoes from my college partner in crime.  But when it came to our wedding, I was hoping for something a little more personal.  So I began thinking about my talents....hmmmmmmm....I can eat a lot, I'm pretty good at volleyball, I'm a teacher.  

That's when it hit me: cooking.  For anyone that knows me, I've probably cooked you a meal (or 7).  I LOVE cooking which tends to work out pretty well considering that I really enjoy eating as well.  And though it would've been cool to make every one of my bridesmaids lots and lots of dinner, I opted for a cookbook instead.  

Then I had to begin the process of how I would make the cookbooks.  I checked out quite a few online options as well as the prospect of doing it myself.  And considering we were selling our house, my (at the time) fiance lived in my parents basement 3.5 hours away, I was taking Masters classes, planning a wedding, and looking for up north houses, I opted for something a little easier than the DIY option.

That's when I found Tastebook.   First they offer online recipe storage and sharing.  So maybe this has never happened to you but a couple of times, my friends have wanted a recipe at which point I read the whole thing over the phone OR I've been elsewhere and wanted to make a recipe that I didn't have memorized.  It's pretty handy!

Ok, on to the cookbook part, though.  Essentially I spent an hour or two a couple nights a week for about 3 months before our wedding transferring my favorite recipes into digital copies.  Then, I got to pick my cover and add a personal message.  Here's the finished product:

So combine that with a lovely cutting board handmade by my hubby and you've got yourself a great gift for your wedding party!!
 What about you???  Any awesome wedding party gifts you've ever gotten?

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