Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Up-cycled" Patio

Our new patio and deck are done!!  But, before you check out the new pics, keep in mind that when we moved in, we had a wooden deck that wasn't properly supported and wasn't too pretty either.  The boards were starting to sag and overall, it was pretty blah.  Also, you need to keep in mind that ALL the stone for the patio came out of our house!  YES, the previous owners had installed outdoor flagstone pieces inside of the house!!  In addition to making the transition for stone to carpet areas totally uneven, it stubbed toes and did not look too hot.  Perhaps if we had a grand log cabin...but, we don't.  So, one of the first projects in the house was tearing out the old floor.  We stacked all the stone outside for our "someday patio".  And now....for the reveal (I know I know, the suspense is killing you)...

We HAD to have a fire pit :)  This makes my husband happy to no end.  The best part?  The stone was free, the pavers around the pit were from the side of our garage, and so we paid for labor and the metal ring.

 We also installed "Trex" decking.  Because it was such a small area, we decided to spend a little extra on a deck that we wouldn't have to stain every year!  We went with last year's model so that helped us save a bit of cash too!  You can also see that we put stones and landscaping fabric around the house (one of the whole reasons this re-do started was to dig down and protect the's a wood foundation, so we figured we couldn't be too careful).

 Our first bon fire was a success!!  Now we just have to get some more wood together so we can have a few more before the snow flies...which could happen any day in good ole Northern Michigan! :)
And last, even Whit-bug loves the fire!!  Check out that gray chin, she's not a young pup anymore!

Anyway, needless to say, we love it.  And for our friends reading this -- come on over and enjoy a bon fire with us!! :) 

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