Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nice Rack

I'm talking about spice racks....geeeeeeeeez!  I totally stole this idea from Bower Power but it was so quick and easy!   And it makes our spice cabinet look about 17 times better. Here's a glance at our cabinet before:

 Proof that we needed some organization -- I just bought the bottle on the left today.  Allegedly (that's for you, Jess) we should have taken on this project sooner...especially because it took that handsome husband of mine less than 5 minutes to cut some leftover wood in the garage and give them a quick coat of spray paint.
 So here's the boards once we installed (and by install, I mean set them in the cupboard) them...

 And the finished product!!!!
17 times better?  Obviously.  Now wouldn't you like to have a 'rack' like that?? ;)

In other news, it snowed today in Northern Michigan.  Not much and not for long, but here's a pic on the back deck today.  It's ok, no need to tell us how jealous you truly are :)  But while you're taking a glimpse, check out how our grass is still seeming to grow!!  Woohoo.

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