Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

It's been quite the weekend!  We spent time with our family, relaxed, and got some projects done around the house (tutorials and posts on projects to come soon).  So, here goes a little picture rundown on our weekend...

After church this morning, we headed to my parents house for a delicious breakfast and play time with the boys!
First, the cutest lil guy after church rocking the Converse All-Stars
 The Easter Bunny brought Army men for the boys and they were having a good time playing with them all day!
At my parent's house, the Easter bunny brought the boys 'bubble guns'.  So here's how we spent a solid half hour this afternoon...

 This little boy knows how to pout :)
 They even blew bubbles in the window while Grandma Patty was doing dishes!
 Then it was time to come in and eat some dessert -- the boys enjoyed some Creme Brulee.  I made it yesterday and if you've never tried making it, it's super-easy.  I'll post sometime this week about how to put it all together.  Plus it looks super fancy and I promise people will be impressed! :)
 Here's a closeup that Mason snapped of the creme brulee!
 And one of the Grandmas -- my mom's mom Annie, my mom, and my dad's mom Eloise!
 To finish off our great Easter weekend, we took a stroll down by the waterfront with the Whit-bug.  Let's just start by saying that Whit LOVES to swim.  She's had her swim toy out for the past few months and is ready for the cottage and lots of swim time.  So we took her down to the water and let her splash around!

 We hope you all had a great Easter weekend and have a fantastic week!  Keep your eyes peeled for a few posts about our weekend projects and that creme brulee recipe!

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