Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We have remodeling A.D.D.

Tonight while cleaning up the kitchen, I mentioned to JW that while we have been working on a lot of different projects around the house lately, we seem to be super-A.D.D. about getting any of them done.  Not that I's completely my style to do anything with an A.D.D. attitude.  In fact, I think I thrive in this style.  But what it means for the blog is we can't show you all these amazing reveals that we're so stinking excited about because we keep starting new projects!  So, rather than doing a super-dramatic reveal, let me give you an idea about where we are at with all of the projects we've decided to undertake.

Project List:
#1~ Turn awkward basement bedroom into ultimate guest suite.

Progress: So far JW tore out all the carpet, the weird built-in bed frame for the water bed, and painted the walls gray. 
Still to be done: We need to carpet this joint (obviously).  But the carpet is coming tomorrow -- hooray for making a quick decision over JW's lunch yesterday and getting it installed so quickly.  Once that's done we'll move some furniture back in and start decorating with a few of the goodies we picked up during our super-shopping trip this weekend!

#2~ Redo basement bathroom.
Progress: SO close to being done.  We painted it 'mint condition' a few months back and tore down the shower doors that nearly decapitated us when we used this shower when we first moved in this summer.  A few weekends ago JW ripped out the old laminate tile that was really holding this bathroom back from being pretty :)  Then he learned how to do tile, thanks to the guidance of my pops!
Still to be done: We need to seal the tile and caulk the screw holes from where the shower doors were, but we are WAY close to being done!  Oh, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to put the toilet back in as well, ha.

#3~ Stairs
Progress: The carpet and carpet pad are gone (which is good because they were nasty).
Still to be done: Carpet has been picked out and all we need is for the dudes to install it tomorrow!!  Oh, and after I painted close to the stair treads today I cleaned everything up...only to realize my lovely husband had done a little patching (the bright white spot on the left side of the pic) eventually it would be good to hit that with a roller too.

#4~ Nursery
(.....No picture here yet.....nursery semi-reveal to come later today)
Progress: Painting is done!  Old guest bedroom furniture has been removed and we've got the crib and dresser set up.  We also picked up a great white capiz mirror at Home Goods and a few other accessories during our shopping trip this weekend.
Still to be done: We need to find a rocker/recliner for this room.  We're on the hunt for a deal, but willing to spend a bit of cash considering we got a pretty good deal on the dresser and the crib was a hand-me-down from JW's sister.  Then we'll need to find some sort of rug for the wood floors.  My mom is crocheting one out of this beautiful, oh-so-cushy blue yarn so we're anxious to see what she creates when they get back from Spring Break.  

#5~ Office

Progress: Well, let's be honest.  This place is a DISASTER.  It's been a temporary place to house our furniture from the upstairs guest room that is tough to move downstairs with no carpet and old tac strips on the back of all the stairs.  
Still to be done: Ha, I don't even know if I can list everything -- major organizing, lots of cleaning, and hopefully a more polished, clean look when we're done.  At the same time, though, we have a hard time parting with the old ratty couch in there since it's the Whit bug's favorite and it seems to keep her off our newer furniture in the living room.

So there's an update.  I told you we have remodeling A.D.D.  Hopefully getting the carpet installed tomorrow will be a good jump start to feeling a little more finished.  But at the same time, we've placed an order for our mudroom cabinets and some cabinets that will look like a hutch in our breakfast nook, so the A.D.D. could continue...

As soon as we get one room complete, though, we'll be sure to show it off  :)


  1. So I think when you have that guest room off your project list, Kaz and I might have to invite ourselves up there, if that's ok with you :P I didn't realize until a few months ago that he has never been up to any of the beautifulness that is Northern MI or the U.P. except the one time I took him to Mackinac Island (for a couple hours) last year. I think our plan is to do some fun weekend traveling this Summer while we are still here and can take advantage. So keep up the good work!! Glad to see you're having lots of fun in the process :)

  2. Wonderful work. I like it. We are also willing for remodeling before June 2011. Wish me good luck.


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