Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Fun!

What a weekend!  We packed so much into a few days, but in doing so, my camera seemed to stay in one purse.  Bummer.  Anyway, here's a little bit about what we did...

On Friday we headed down to Mount Pleasant to meet up with our good buds, Ryan and Jessie.  We crashed at their place and our pups, Whit and Cubs got to hang out!  Then, Saturday morning Jessie and I headed to Alma to meet up with a bunch of our alumni buddies to play in the 2nd annual ACVB Alumni Tourney.  Like last year, it was a blast!  We played all day long and laughed about all our memories from our college years.  It's such an amazing opportunity for us to all get back together.  We had a blast.  But I think I can speak for all of us in saying that we are all still feeling it (2 days later, ha).  Well worth it though.
This is last year's pic, but it was all I could find!  Love you girls!

Sunday morning was filled with working around the house.  After all it was super rainy outside.  JW added some trim to the guest bedroom and bathroom downstairs, we put on outlet/light covers, and began to set up the bedroom downstairs.  Although it's not complete, we're ready for visitors!!!
Please ignore the naked box spring...I forgot our bedskirts are all light green.  Time to pick up one that matches our great duvet cover from Ikea!

Then, around noon we realized the rain had gone away and the sun was out was WARM!  I mean, so warm, I busted out the sunscreen!  So I lounged on the back deck for a bit while JW did a little yard work and we made plans for dinner over our fire pit!  It was a success.  I wish I had pictures...but again I was slacking.  We even ate dinner outside with my bro and his fam and our good friend Court and her 'baby doggy' Brady.  We finished up and got inside just before the rain continued.  At which point, we had a few dance parties to "the King Louie song" and "Bare Necessities" and were entertained (as usual) by the nephews.  Then it was time to eat chocolate chip cookies.  Braden really liked them -- can you tell? :)

So that was our fantastic weekend.  Today is my last day of spring break before resuming to the normal life of teaching again.  But I just did the count and there are only 41.5 more days of school left till the end of the year -- WOOHOO!

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