Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Snow Day & Strawberry Pancakes.

Good Day to you!  We woke up to this...
A winter wonderland.  And a SNOW DAY!  Now being a teacher I love a snow day just as much as any student does...but I don't necessarily love 5" of snow on April 20th!  Just look at our poor patio.  I think hammock is about to have hypothermia!  And to think that just two weekends ago, we cooked dinner over the fire and had a great time eating outside with my brother's family...

But, I'm staying warm, don't you worry!  I couldn't fall back asleep after finding out we had a snow day, so I'm getting busy on cleaning up around the house so I can sneak a nap in later.  And as is tradition, I started the day with a yummy breakfast.  Today I tried a recipe from one of my Food Network magazines that I stumbled upon last night (and silently bookmarked in my head just in case).  

You can find her recipe by clicking on the link above or you can cheat like I did!  Because we didn't have buttermilk on hand and I wasn't willing to scrape 5" of snow off my car just for that, I went with the easy route: complete pancake mix.  Do you use it and love it?  We do.  My dad (one of the best pancake makers I know) swears by it.  Now, on to the recipe...and a few pics of the steaming hotcakes to get you drooling :)

Complete Pancake Mix (however much you need...depends on how many you plan to feed)
Strawberries, sliced vertically
Pam or veg oil, for greasing 

1) Just follow the recipe on the box for however many pancakes you plan on making and mix up the batter.
2) Make sure to grease your pan, grill, griddle and then pour some batter over top.
3) Plop the strawberries neatly around the pancakes.
4) ***IMPORTANT*** The strawberries tend to stick when you flip the pancakes.  I found that it was best to leave some room on the griddle, and then give it another spray of Pam before I flipped the pancakes.
5) Top with syrup and LOVE!

Speaking of syrup, I've been wanting to try some of the new agave strawberry syrup.  Have you guys seen this stuff?  But since I have a half gallon of agave syrup in the fridge in the garage, I thought I should probably try to make it myself.  I was searching for a recipe this morning and stumbled upon a few, but also on some recipes on how to make strawberry agave freezer jam.  So if strawberries are still on sale and I can make it to the store later, I'll let you know how it goes :)

Ooooooooh and I almost forgot, we're heading to our community college tonight to hear the Director of "Food, Inc." Robert Kenner.  I'm sure I'll have lots to report back on soon....let's just hope he can make it to Northern Michigan with all this snow!!

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