Friday, August 26, 2011

Liza's Room - the big REVEAL :)

Well, baby Liza will be here in less than a month.  The nursery is {almost} done and I've been waiting to share it with you until we got a few photos back from our photographer friend who recently did some maternity pictures for us!  

First, let's remember what this room looked like before {back when it was our guest bedroom}:
We started by painting it blue over spring break.  At that point, we still had NO clue if we'd be having a girl or a boy.  And even though we thought 'it' would be a girl, we still opted for blue.  I'll have to find the paint can, but it is from Sherwin Williams.  
Don't worry we didn't leave their names on the wall :)

Then, we got the crib and the dresser set up.  And then the room stayed like that for quite some time...
Until we finally found some time and energy in late spring/early summer.

Here was our list for her room:
  • Add closet organization and remove closet doors
  • Add shelves to display pictures/"L"/etc.
  • Add shelves for diaper 'bins'
  • Find rug for the floor (DIY perhaps)
  • Find fabric for curtains & crib skirt
  • Hang paper lanterns
  • Make curtains
  • Make crib skirt
  • Wash clothes/burp rags/blankets/etc.
  • Spray paint "L" yellow
  • Hang pictures above crib
  • Get chair delivered and in place
  • Make a bookshelf
Although the list doesn't seem too bad, it wasn't always easy to accomplish when JW works 10.5 hours every day and I can't do too much lifting/moving by myself!  But, we're happy to say it's done!

The first pic is from our maternity pictures...pardon the rest of them.  I was eager to post and didn't edit my own!

The quilt on the back of the chair is JW's baby blanket :)

Liza's "Anywhere Chair" from PBKids, so she can fit in with her older cousins!

We like to call this the 'Twister' rug.  Maybe we've played a game or two on it :)

Diaper bag packed and ready to go to the hospital

We also like that a lot of the colors and design will be great when she wants a 'big girl' room.  And if not, most of the items in there are easy enough to switch out then!
Here's a cost breakdown:
  • Fabric for curtains & crib skirt ($65 from w/ coupon)
  • Crib (Free, hand-me-down from JW's sister)
  • Dresser ($285 from Buy Buy Baby - apparently they take Bed Bath & Beyond coupons...if we'd only known that or if there was one closer than 4 hours away)
  • Chair ($1100 - YIKES, we spent on this bad boy because we plan on using it in the living room for years to come and because my parents have the same model chair in their living room and we LOVE's a Smith Brothers in case you're wondering)
  • Shelves (FREE, leftover lumber & paint from one of our many other projects)
  • Closet Organization (FREE, again leftover paint and lumber and JW used a wire closet insert from a basement closet we never use)
  • Bookshelf ($3 - leftover white paint and lumber and trim, and then a $3 sample of the yellow paint from Lowe's or Home Depot)
  • Frames & Art (Art = $5 to print at Walgreens [rather than killing our ink cartridge]; Frames - Ryba frames from Ikea - I think they cost $10/each)
  • Blue Room Paint ($30 - we had some leftover from a room in our basement and had to buy another gallon from Sherwin Williams to finish it all off)
  • Curtain Panel Rings ($8 - SUPER sale at JoAnn Fabrics plus my teacher discount)
  • Paper Lanterns (Free - leftover from our wedding decor)
  • Rugs (the big one was $40ish from was a great deal and we love the playful colors; the small blue one - FREE - my mom crocheted for us)
  • Mirror ($40 from HomeGoods - one of our first purchases too)
  • Bins (some free from our registry, some $5/bin on sale at Meijer)
    Well, what do you think??? :)


    1. perfect!!! the bookshelf and art above her crib are my favorite!

    2. It looks so good Erin! I love that you guys picked blue for a girl :)


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