Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Berry Salad Bliss

On Sunday night, JW and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary!  We went to the Douglas Lake Bar and Steakhouse -- partly because it was close to our cottage and has a beautiful view of Douglas Lake and partly because I worked summers there for five years and seriously enjoy their food.  It is seriously gorgeous out there and Sunday was the perfect day.  
Proof of the beautiful day -- Whit-bug on the pontoon boat

Did I take pictures?  NO.  I have been fighting a cold for a week and we'd been on the lake all day.  Think: windblown and stuffy nose.  Not the prettiest sight.  But dinner was delicious.  I started with their summer berry salad.  Ah-mazing.  It might have even made up for the fact that I couldn't enjoy a glass of wine ;)
this is the dlb -- photo from here
So today when I finally realized I was hungry for lunch -- say 3:00 or so, I searched our fridge, cabinets and our new CSA box to see what I could come up with.  Berry salad...duh.

Here's the coolest part: the strawberries and lettuce are from our garden!  Wahoo for green thumbs :)

Lettuce - whatever kind you like (prob not iceberg though) or even spinach
Watermelon? (trust me, it's good...we just didn't have any)

Toss the lettuce, top with berries and sliced almonds. 
this looked so good, i decided we needed a BIG picture

I know, I know, you've seen this recipe before.  But let me let you in on a little dressing secret stolen straight from the DLB.  Don't tell them I was paying attention to the chefs even though I was a meager little waitress.  

makes enough for 2-3 small salads
1 heaping teaspoon raspberry jam
Drizzle red wine vinegar
Drizzle olive oil
4-5 fresh raspberries
Dash Salt + Pepper

Pulse in a mini-food processor or blender.  Taste test.  Drizzle over the salad.  You won't be disappointed.  I suppose you could use a store-bought dressing but this one is so simple and yummy!

Are you still staring at the jam jar?  Yes it really does say "Intercourse Canning Company".  My parents drove through Intercourse, Pennsylvania (a nice quaint Amish town) and my mom found all the goodies at the Intercourse Canning Company far too funny -- muffin mixes, bbq sauces, salsa.  Yes, they've provided us with endless entertainment. 

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