Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello loves!

It's What I'm Loving Wednesday and I'll be linking up with Jamie HERE.  

Let me tell you what I'm loving this week!

That we are officially on summer vacation (even though I'm teaching summer school).
That my online class ends this week leaving me with only my Master's Project to complete before I have my Master's in Educational Leadership (and baby Liza makes her arrival).

That we got to pick the first things out of our garden this week -- hooray radishes!

That we are planning on spending the whole weekend at the lake...including a little Father's Day celebration.

That my nephews (and bro and sil) live just down the street which means we get lots of time to hang with these sweet boys and we get to be super-aunt and uncle at T-ball games!

If you look carefully enough, you can see the Michael Jordan tongue sticking out here :)

JW and the Whit-bug.  We all make one rocking team...and they're pretty darn cute :)

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