Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Recap: Fun in the Sun!

Once again, we had an amazing weekend.  
Here's what we did:
 We hung out in town on Friday night, spending some time with our P-town crew.  We hit up City Park Grill and jammed to the live band.  Either Liza liked it or was really confused because she was MOVING!

As for the rest of the weekend, most of it we spent here...

Yes, this is our beloved family cottage.  We didn't get up there till Saturday afternoon, but we JW, my pops, and I definitely took a quick dip in the lake.  It was a little chilly, but not awful!  

Because my lovely husband LOVES to have a good bonfire, we got up early Sunday morning, had a fire, and enjoyed coffee/tea and magazines with a view of the lake.

Then we headed back into town (a short 25 minute drive) on Sunday afternoon to get some work done on the house!  More to come on that tomorrow.  Let's just say we have about 1/3 more storage and it looks so perfect!  And because JW did most of the work and I helped, we had NO costs for labor. 

Although, there is one downside.  Whit's treats moved to this area.  This is what she did for about 20 minutes on Sunday afternoon when I was organizing and rearranging...
She likes treats?

So that was our weekend, but we'd love to hear about what you did :)

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