Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wedding Week - The ABC's

It's crazy to think that a year ago today we were in the midst of last-minute wedding planning.  And now this year, we're in the midst of planning for baby Liza.  Life seems to fly by, but this week I wanted to recap all the fun we had at our wedding last year, so first come our wedding ABC's (ps - most photos are courtesy of Paul Retherford Photography):

We had about 200 people there over all (but our guest list topped out around 275).  Hello small town wedding.

I had 5 bridesmaids - my cousin was my maid of honor (since she is practically my sister), then a friend from high school, two from college and my sister-in-law!  We had two flower girls - Jon's cousin Serenity and niece Lorelei. 

Our caterer was out of Traverse City - Catering by Kelly's.  They had actually done my brother's wedding.  They were fantastic to work with and the food was great!

My dress was an ivory A line skirt with a sweetheart neckline and a dropwaist.  I wanted something fancy, but simple and understated.

JW proposed to me on April 2, 2009 so we were engaged for a little over a year when we got married on June 26, 2010.

Our flowers were from Flowers Unlimited.  It's in Indian River and the coolest thing about Kelly's business is that she grows a bunch of her own flowers in front of her house.  It was too early in the season for any of our flowers to be homegrown, but she did a beautiful job!

JW also had 5 groomsmen - his cousin was his best man, another cousin, two close friends, and my brother.  My nephew Mason was the ringbearer :)
Since we knew we wanted to have kids pretty quickly after we got married, we decided to live it up for our honeymoon.  We went on a 7 day cruise in the Mediterranean - stopping in Italy, France, and Barcelona.  Then we did an extra day in Barcelona.  It was AMAZING, but we were running around all day long and felt like we needed another vacation when we got back!

A friend of mine from college designed the invitations.  They were simple and really set the tone for our big day!

Justice of the Peace
Our priest was Father Mike -- one of my friend's uncles.  Though we didn't know him extremely well, we were relieved that we had spent time with him before our marriage and he could incorporate some of those details into the ceremony.  Having him as our priest also meant we got to be married at The Cross in the Woods in Indian River.  
We had guests sign two picture frame mattes.  They're hanging above our mantle now :)

Ladies Night
My bachelorette party started with some wine tasting in Traverse City, followed by a night out on the town.  It was fantastic and we still have some great memories (like my girl Katy's lost shoe).

The music for our wedding was relatively traditional, but two friends of ours sang during the word: BEAUTIFUL.  As for the reception, we had a DJ (who sometimes struggled to follow directions).

Um, I think we still are.  Or we're certainly no experts yet :)

Old, new, borrowed, blue
My something old was my mom's veil.  She had a VERY long veil that was double-layered, so she gave half to my sister-in-law and saved half for me.  My new was my dress, shoes, or beautiful hair piece my MOH had made.  My something borrowed and blue was a handkerchief from my husband's grandma which was wrapped around my flowers.

Our photographer was FANTASTIC.  He had done of my friend's weddings and we had seen his awesome work.  He did a lot of photojournalistic photos, but also had the classic shots as well.

Question Popping
JW proposed to me in our first house that we owned together.  I came home from work to find rose petals scattered everywhere.  That was a Thursday - two days later we left for a week vacation in Cozumel.  It was perfect.

Our reception was at the Emmet County Fairgrounds.  They built a new community center a few years back and they definitely kept true to the up north feel of Petoskey.  It was gorgeous.  And we decorated it all ourselves!

My shoes were a simple pair of silver sandals.  I didn't want to be too tall and they were comfy all day long.  I think I lasted about half way through the reception before I finally took them off.  
We only had a cake so that JW and I could cut it (and so my nephew could lick the frosting...see photo below).  But we also had homemade chocolate chip cookies as our favors and a dessert bar for guests!

Nothing terribly unique...just that it was a beautiful day with my best friend :)  Oh and I wore my mom's veil!

We did traditional vows in our full Catholic ceremony.

Wedding Woes
It POURED the night before the wedding.  I mean, poured.  Our wedding was supposed to be outside, but fortunately the church at The Cross in the Woods is just as beautiful and has huge windows looking outside, so it wasn't a problem.  And by the time the ceremony was over it started to get BEAUTIFUL out :)

What?  No, I think.

As I mentioned before, we had my nephew, Jon's neice and cousin as our ring bearer and flower girls.

We were wiped out after our wedding day.  We went home to sleep in the house we had finally moved into a week before.  And then we had tons of friends and family over for a brunch the next morning.   


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