Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby Shower Fun!

My good friend Natalie is having a baby and so we figured let's celebrate that little 'cubby' growing in her belly!  Because Natalie and her husband are some of the most patient people I know, they've decided to wait to see whether Baby K is a girl or a boy (something I cannot even begin to imagine).  Here's the beautiful momma-to-be with my friends Courtney and Cathy who hosted the shower with me.  

It was a great day despite some rain and chilly temperatures outside.  And since we didn't know if Baby K is a little he or she (aka Baby Liza's future BFF or husband), we opted to go with a green and yellow theme.  Here's a few pictures of the decorations...

 We followed the tutorials for the pom poms found at Martha Stewart's site. Initially I got the idea on Friday when I checked out Young House Love and they had a few made for their daughter's first birthday.  Then, last weekend at Mother's Day mass, I saw some yellow spider mums.  Pair that with the green spider mums we had in our wedding and they made for a great combination.  I also threw together a party flag 'banner' with some yellow and green fabric I picked up.  I figured it would be great in Liza's room or for some birthday parties for little ones in our future :)

As for the food spread, we had some delicious eats...almost all of which was homemade.  Here was the spread:
~Egg Casseroles (one veggie, one with meat)
~Fruit Salad
~Bagels with cream cheese (that we flavored and mixed up ourselves)
~Cinnamon Chip and Cherry Pecan Scones
~Fruit Pizza
I didn't take any super-close ups, but I will be sure to post recipes for the egg casserole, strawberry cream cheese, agave-cinnamon cream cheese, and the scones.  The scones are soooooooooooooo good.  They are pretty easy to make...just a little messy :)

We played one game.  I'm convinced that regardless of what kind of party you have, if you have a roll of toilet paper you can make up some sort of game.  You know, there's toilet paper bride, toilet paper baby belly, and...well, that's all I got.  But here's an action shot of the second.  

The prizes?  Headache pillows filled with rice and lavender or tropical rooibos tea.  I whipped those up yesterday today -- yay for leftover fabric and big bag of brown rice.

It was a really great day.  Nat's up north "family" got to meet her real family.  We laughed, ate great food, and got to celebrate Baby K coming into the world soon :)

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