Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's a GIRL! :)

Hi friends! :)  We had our much awaited baby appointment on Friday and are happy to report that Baby L is in fact a GIRL :)  We are ecstatic...not that we wouldn't have been if it was a boy, but JW and I are so happy to be welcoming a baby girl into our lives.  Not to mention that my bro has 2 little boys (the cute ones you've seen featured many a time here) and so "Grandma Patty" is very excited for a little girl to join the bunch!
We have had names picked out for awhile now and Baby L will actually be Liza, short for Elizabeth.  JW's grandma is Elizabeth and it's my middle name.  As for her middle name, we've chosen Ann, since JW's mom's name was ReAnn and my grandma's name is Ann.  We knew that whatever the names were, they had to have some significance in the family.  
As for the rest of the weekend, we had a pretty good time!  We headed to Bellaire on Friday to check out Short's Brewery.  For those of you that live in Michigan and are reading this, our friends (not me, obvi) indulged in some great Short's Beer - like Rye Not, Soft Parade (my personal summer fave), and Local's Light, and Bellaire Brown.  Not to mention the fact that they have great appetizers, pizza, and entertainment.  Overall, it was a fun night and well worth the hour drive to get there!

Yesterday it was finally nice enough (read: not rainy) to do some yardwork outside, so we got the fence up around our garden and dug up the space right outside the windows of the basement bedroom -- now they're ready for some hostas!  JW also took out his fishing boat for the first time this year -- he caught a pike, but it was an inch too short to keep.

As for today, we plan on working around the house some more -- we're trying to have the house done by the time Baby Liza makes her appearance, but we're also hopeful to get most of it done by this summer so weekends and evenings can be spent at the cottage :)  Here's just a sneak peak of a few of our many projects...

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