Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Here's something amazing: it finally feels like spring in Northern Michigan.  I mean we're talking 60 degrees.  scorchers.  Ok, not really.  But it has given us more excuses to hang outside and relax on our deck and patio.  See the deck and patio didn't get finished until the end of the fall last year which meant we hardly got to used it.  So this year we were gung ho.

Except we had no place to sit.  

Until Sunday.

On Sunday we ventured to one of our favorite local spots - Sturgeon River Pottery.  I've mentioned it before on el blog.  Our friends Karen and "Uncle" Steve own the place and are celebrating 30 years in business this year!  They are fantastic and the pottery they make is beautiful.  And speaking of pottery, we had plenty from our wedding registry.  We also had quite a few gift certificates.  

What to do?  What to do?

Um, buy awesome outdoor cedar furniture for our deck, of course.

So, JW and "Uncle" Steve loaded it up in the truck, we paid a little more than what our gift certificates covered and we were on our way to enjoy a sunny afternoon on the deck.

We ended up getting a standard adirondack chair, a glider chair, foot stool and side table.  We've already used them a few times and they are grrrrrrrrrreat.  Like Frosted Flakes great.  I think we'll definitely be spending a lot of time out here this summer :)

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