Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boo-man's Birthday

So last week we celebrated my nephew, Braden's 2nd birthday.  It was a crazy, noisy, fun celebration to say the least.  It seems like whenever you get Braden and Mason together with their cousins, things get noisy!  But they always have such a good time together :)

Warning: this post is photo heavy...but quite frankly these guys are too cute not to include lots of pics :)
Here's the birthday boy with his big balloon and new hat from Deb!
 Then, the birthday boy trying to figure out the whole party hat thing...
 Charlie, Ellie and Mason being silly!
 Braden's cake -- Little Einsteins, his favorite tv show.
 This is what he looked like when we started singing happy birthday.
 It soon changed to this big ole grin!
 Blowing out the candles the first time (we usually do it 3-4 times around here).
 Admiring a present from Grandma Carla and Poppa Bill!
Then, it was time to head outside and have pinata time!  His Aunt Jenni made the Little Einsteins pinata!
 The "poppas" watching while the pinata action was going down.
 My sister-in-law and her mom and sister!
 JW and I -- whoa baby bump!
 And one last one of the birthday boy!
 As always, we feel so blessed that we get to hang out with the kiddos so frequently and be around for birthday parties and everything else :)

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