Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hello Summer!

Two words: Awesome weekend.  

Here's how it started:
Gorgeous day.  Bbq at our house.  Kind of a last minute plan.  Whole family comes over.  Nephews play on Uncle Jon's boat. Eat summer-time dinner.  Friends join later.  Puppy party in the backyard.  Play frisbee.  Throw tennis balls.  Run.  Have fun.  Bonfire.

Gorgeous day.  Go to cottage.  OPENING WEEKEND.  Do a little cleaning.  Play with nephews.  Whit goes swimming.  Loves it.  Decide to go fishing.  Head into town.  Pick up boat.  Take Mason out fishing on Pickerel Lake.  Mase turns his hat backwards because "that's what Uncle Jon does".  Motor stops working.  Jon fixes!  Catch two pike.  Too small to keep but in the words of Mase "that was awesome".  Pizza at my parents with the nephews.  Movie and early bedtime.

Gorgeous day.  Get up early.  Plant garden.  Relax in new patio furniture.  Start moving cabinets for mudroom and hutch inside.  Relax while a warm breeze blows.  Love life.  Watch fog literally blow in.  Realize that happens when you live off of Lake Michigan.  Feel temperature drop 15 degrees.  Decide we'll work inside the rest of the day.

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