Thursday, May 12, 2011

Who I Am

Courtesy of Emily @ Live a Charmed Life 
I am...Erin.  I am a wife, mom to a sweet puppy and soon to be mom to Baby Liza.  I teach, coach, and love being outdoors.

I iPhone.  I don't have a terribly good reason why, just do :)

I have...a smile on my face because it is so darn warm in Northern Michigan today (and because I'm spending my afternoon sitting in the sun at the local coffee shop)!

I wish...I already knew exactly how to use my new camera.  It's sitting next to me at the moment, manual on the table, photography blogs in other windows.  Any suggestions you have would be oh-so-helpful :)

I hate...that I'll never get to meet my in-laws.  Wish I could have. 

I fear...that something will go wrong with Baby Liza.  Everything has been beyond wonderful so far, I just worry.

I brewing and some chill music. 

I search...anything blog related...especially photography.

I wonder...who Liza will look like.  She seems to already be getting some long legs like her 6' tall mom and dad :)

I regret...not writing down everything I remembered from my wedding day a few days later.  That was one thing on our to-do list that didn't get crossed off and now it's tough to remember all those special things.

I love...My hubby, JW.  The baby growing in my belly.  Our sweet 11-year-old black lab Whit.  My family and being just down the street from most of them.

I my lower back on the right hand side.  Pretty much any time I'm really active, this seems to flare up.  Hello preggo.

I always...say I love you to my husband at night and to my pup in the morning before I leave (what, JW's already at work then) :)

I usually...have a smile on my face.  Though some days I'm ready to feel like I did before getting pregnant (although I've had hardly any nausea/bad mouth tastes lately).

I am not...perfect...although I am a perfectionist.
I dance...quite frequently.  Today on my way to work, last night in the kitchen.  I just got a text from a pregnancy thing that said "your baby can feel you dance and hear you sing -- have fun with it!"

I sing...all the time in the car.  I'm by no means fantastic, but I don't think I'm half bad either ;)

I never...imagined living in my hometown with a wonderful husband four houses down from my brother and sister-in-law.  But it is bliss and I couldn't imagine it any other way. 

I sometimes...can be a little neurotic when it comes to cooking, cleaning, organizing.

I cry...only when I'm super-frustrated or tired.  Although some days (with these crazy preggo hormones) I cry at a song that I think is cute or a movie/tv scene. 

I am not always...energetic and enthusiastic, though I usually am.  Just ask my kids at school :)

I patience when I have to repeat the directions 17 times in one class.  Ok, not really 17, but sometimes it gets a bit redundant. 

I am the way life works.  But, I know there is a plan for me and for my family and I try to let go of control a little more.

I learn to say no.  And to sit still. 

I should...stop writing this and learn more about the new camera!

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  1. These last few days of pregnancy have been so hard on me in the worrying department. Once you start to think about all the things that can go wrong you can go crazy!


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