Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It has been a crazy week.  I've been subbing on my usual afternoons off, enjoying being outdoors, taking Whit on lots of walks, and getting kicked in the belly every day around lunch time by our precious little Liza :)  Let me tell you I can't wait for the weekend.  But here's what I'm loving today:

That the weather is finally shaping up and has led to lots of time spent on the patio and outdoors in general.

Early morning walks with my momma.  We just started this week, but we're trying to get on a 2-3 walks a week schedule.  5:40AM is not my favorite time, but getting up and moving around feels great!
We have a long weekend -- hooray for Memorial Day!  We're heading downstate to see some of my old vball girls and then to Jon's cousins' graduation parties.  It should be a fun trip!
The wonderful friend we have up here.  We're truly blessed to get to hang out with such fun, loving, energizing people.
As always, my amazing husband.  He is so loving and generous...especially when we do things like take my nephew fishing :)

And of course, the Whit-bug too.  We've spent some quality time going on walks this week!  Even at 10, she's still cruising around the neighborhood :)


  1. You are loving some great things today! Hope that your Wednesday was fabulous!

  2. Love all of your pictures!!! I am ready for a nice long relaxing weekend!!

  3. 5:40?! I so admire you for that! I've been trying to get into an am walking routine as well and if you can get up at 5:40, I need to stop complaining about not getting food in me. haha


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