Friday, May 6, 2011

Northern Michigan chicken salad!

We cook all the time in our household.  It really is one of the things that helps our marriage grow.  JW and I love cooking together, eating (obviously), and occasionally having a dance party in the kitchen.  So when it comes to food, I keep meaning to share recipes with you guys.  

Unfortunately for you, since I've been pregnant when I need dinner, I NEED dinner.  We're talking I can't wait two minutes for it.  We've even been known to rush through prayers so I can start stuffing my face!  It also means that I take some lovely pictures of the food while I prep it, but often am too busy stuffing said face to remember to take some pictures when the food is all put together and looking pretty.
Anywho, you'll have to deal with some pretty prep pics and some not-so-glam assembled pics.  I promise it will be good, though!  The other night we were searching for something quick to make with chicken and went to one of my old favorites: chicken salad.  I'd like to think we put a few different twists on it, though.  

One: dried cherries.  We live in Petoskey, like an hour and a half from Traverse City and cherries are everywhere -- therefore we eat them in everything, including Thanksgiving stuffing!  
Two: plain yogurt mixed with mayo.  I like the tang from some mayo, but the health benefits from the plain yogurt.  
Three: toasted almonds.  I like some crunch in my chicken salad, but am a picky eater when it comes to raw celery and onion.  Solution: chopped organic almonds, lightly toasted in a pan.  
And finally, here's the recipe:
Granny Smith Apple, chopped
Dried Cherries
Almonds, chopped
Chicken, cooked and shredded
Plain Yogurt
S & P

1) Toast the almonds in a dry pan until you start to smell their yummy goodness.  
2) Mix everything else together in a bowl.  I didn't include measurements, but I like to use equal parts mayo  and yogurt and enough to coat the chicken/almond/apple/cherry mixture.  You can really add the apples, almonds and cherries to your liking.  Then, top with a bit of S & P.  
3) Serve on bread, in a lettuce cup, or with crackers. 

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